Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Art of Being Floridian exhibit

We are happy to be hosting the Art of Being Floridian exhibit throughout August, a traveling exhibit of artist-painted plastic flamingos courtesy of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program.

The flamingos support their Be Floridian campaign which promotes Gardening Like A Floridian - including reducing the use of summer fertilizers, to protect our bays, rivers and the Gulf of Mexico.

The exhibit features 25 plastic flamingos, vibrantly and inventively painted by 20 artists from throughout the Tampa Bay region.  The painted birds, nestled in their environmental planters, are accompanied by a poster to acknowledge the artists who donated their talents and time.

To see the Fabulous Flamingos, please stop by our Childrens Department!

For more photos and information on the exhibit, visit the Be Floridian Facebook page or their Pinterest board.

Don't forget to visit the Be Floridian website for ideas on how to skip the fertilizer and have a great, Florida-friendly yard this summer!