Thursday, November 3, 2016

New-Community Poetry Post

The new Arts Coordinator for the City of Oldsmar is working on a fun new project for the Library! Please read the note below from Samantha to see how you can contribute:
Poetry has the visceral power to deeply touch our lives. When given proper attention, it can shake us out of our waking-sleep and into a precious moment of inspiration. The Community Poetry Post is an exciting new project designed to allow the community to be heard through poetry.

For the month of November, you are invited to send poems to the Post containing strong elements of gratitude. The poetry you choose to submit could be written by an acclaimed poet or something you have written yourself. 

To submit, email the poem(s) to

The Post is a bulletin located in the Oldsmar Public Library’s arcade, so please choose poems that are family-friendly and feel free to stop by and see what others have chosen to share. I am excited to see what you send my way!

S. Demmi