Thursday, March 5, 2015

YouTube releases App for Kids

Sharing an important press release from our friends at

YouTube Releases Kids App
If you've ever been on YouTube, you understand how quickly it can suck you in. You may start out looking at a video about the latest awards show and then find yourself watching your 6th cat video.
Everything on YouTube, however, isn't appropriate for all audiences.
So YouTube has launched a new app just for the little ones: YouTube Kids. This app only features family-friendly content and all videos are divided into four categories: shows, music, learning, and exploring.

The creators of YouTube Kids thought about more than just offering age-appropriate videos. app allows parents to:
  • Turn off the search function limiting kids to pre-selected videos
  • Turn off background music and sound effects to cut down on noise
  • Limit screen time with a timer that tells children when their session is over