Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Netlibrary Transition Update

We have been receiving some inquiries lately regarding just when the new & improved NetLibrary product, One Click Audio, will be available.

Here is the latest as we know it: The company who is creating this new product is still working on getting some bugs worked out before release. They are also unfortunately located in an area which has received weather-related damage in the past few weeks, so this has delayed the release of One Click Audio.

For those who have asked if they'll need to come into the Oldsmar Library again to create an account, the answer is no. Once we're up & running, there will be an easy way to create accounts remotely!

We will let you know when One Click Audio is up & running, watch our website, Twitter and Facebook for updates. Thanks for your interest in this product, as we love it too & can't wait to make it available for you once again.

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