Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thermal Leak Detector / April Spotlight on Sustainability and the Environment

Looking for ways to be more ‘green’?  Trying to figure out why your power bill is so high? Let the Oldsmar Library help you at no cost to you!

Another item available for check out is the thermal leak detector. We have these up at the Circulation Desk and you can take one home today. This is a tool that can really help you save money! Ever notice your AC doesn’t turn off? It seems like it’s been running all day but it's still really hot, or maybe it's freezing? I know where I was living at one point in time I could stand outside by one of my windows and feel the AC blowing. That was before we had these handy detectors!

It’s really very simple to use. It’s an infrared laser that you point along places where a leak would be:  moldings, windows, doors, and ductwork. Once you do this, the detector will change colors, giving you feedback, telling you where you should caulk or insulate.  Once you get everything all patched up you will notice a difference, and you won’t be providing AC for the entire neighborhood!

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