Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hire Me! Teen Secrets for Getting the Job

Join us this SATURDAY, July 9th at 12 noon for our TEEN job skills program. This is a great program, it's very fun, it's very informative and there will be food and prizes!
You will learn things to help you in the real job world. Things like team building, how to present yourself to prospective employers, how to get through an interview and resume' building.

Did I mention there will be FOOD and cool PRIZES?
Yes! Again, this is a TEEN program, ages 13 - 18 only. No adults will be allowed into the program.

Sign up is required, as there are only 25 seats available.
Call to reserve your spot today - 813-749-1179
Don't miss this opportunity!

See you on Saturday!

Miss Heidi

This program is presented by the PPLC, Bank of America and Junior Achievement

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